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London was the most magically-influenced city in the world. Even when magic had been contained to artifacts, it was a city that Flynn Carsen had visited fairly often, because that was where artifacts seemed to pop up. Judson had never exactly given him a reason for that -- but the Roman Hypothesis had. Londinium. Or, as the Roman Hypothesis told it, Camelot. So, really, was it that surprising? No. It seemed that many of his early missions made a great deal of sense, after he'd worked that part out. 

So when the Clippings Book had just given him the address of a pub on Westminster Bridge Road, he wasn't exactly surprised. The others had already gone off on a case of their own, and Flynn had chosen to sit it out, because, as Eve had so clearly reminded him, he had research to do and reports to write. How kind of her. Well, to her credit, it's not like she was entirely wrong. But even still, he jumped at the chance to get out of the Annex. Not that he didn't love the Library, but...well, adventuring, even on his own, was just a little more exciting that writing up case reports of missions that had already been completed. 

So the Back Door flashed blue as Flynn stepped through to the city of London, England, almost slamming headfirst into a car, which honked at him rudely before he scrambled back behind the curb. He really needed to work on that landing. 

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Charles had front-of-house duty and watched as a flash of light appeared at the edges of a door across the street and the door opened and a man he had not seen come in to the building come out of the building and step into traffic. Charles knitted his brow and excused himself to Andrew, the actual guardsman at their front-of-house, and went to investigate.

Charles watched the man and followed from a distance. On Savile Row, Charles was perfectly dressed for the neighbourhood, sporting a Kingsman charcoal grey suit and a blue tie with black stripes. Men and women equally well-dressed walked the streets, allowing Charles a means of camouflage. His stature was the only remarkable physical thing about him. He was gangly to a degree, but toned, and somehow inconspicuous. He was calm and casual, keeping his facial features neutral. He looked mildly determined, as if he was focused about his destination.


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